1. By creating a “Hygiene Point” at both entrances of the hotel we make sure that everyone disinfects their hands with alcohol-based sanitizers and their shoes stepping through a hygienic doormat.
  2. We take our guest’s suitcases and suppliers packages in only after suitable disinfection with alcohol-based liquid or UV-C lamp before the “Hygiene Point”. 
  3. All our guests and staff should wear masks and disposable gloves inside the hotel. We have made washable personalized masks for our staff and we provide disposable masks and gloves for the guests who do not have them at the check-in.
  4. Both walks from the entrance to the reception and inside the lobby as well as the floors have been marked by “Social distance Signs” and our staff will keep warning guests and visitors about the 1.5 meters distance.
  5. At the lobby and floors, we placed alcohol-based sanitizers for the frequent use of our guests.
  6. We have purchased a ULV spraying device to disinfect the surfaces and utensils at the lobby and the rooms after every guest.
  7. Our elevator, handrail of the stairs, floor door handles, front doors handle and other common surfaces get disinfected every two hours and we monitor the disinfection by scheduled signatures.
  8. The lobby get ventilated every two hours by opening the doors and windows.
  9. We have placed a World Health Organization approved air cleaning device which kills 99.99% of the viruses, bacteria, and germs. 
  10. We have replaced the tables, couches, and seats at the lobby according the “social distance”
  11. All rooms are being disinfected by UVC lamp after cleaning and spraying procedures and we keep them empty for 48 hours for the next gues
  12. We measure the body temperature of the guests and keep a daily record.
  13. Our team had a Covid Measures training and taking care of themselves and following our Covid Rules also in their personal life.
  14. All check-in guests must allow us to share their personal information in case of need for the pandemic by local authorities by signing a guest form.
  15. For the cases that a guest, staff or collaborator shows symptoms of COVID-19 we have transformed one of our rooms to an isolation area where the suspected patient can wait for the health care officials to arrive.
  16. Our receptionists got trained to apply “touchless check-in”. They disinfect all the papers, forms, keycards, brochures, and maps with the UV-C device before handing to the guests.
  17. To provide a “touchless check-out” we have changed the POS machine into a new version, increased the limit of contactless transactions, and simplified bank transfer payments. 
  18.  We have suspended open buffet breakfast for a while and the breakfast will be served to the rooms as packages upon request. Our guests are also allowed to book without breakfast and cook their own meals in the rooms kitchens.
  19. Our housekeepers will be cleaning the rooms with protective suits until further notice.
  20. We have removed bed covers, decorative cushions, and carpets in all the rooms until further notice.
  21. Our trustworthy employees are noticed to keep the preventions in their personal life and pay maximum attention to the pandemic universal measures.
  22. Elevators should be use only by room mates. We are also warning our guests to be aware of the social distance while waiting the elevator.
  23. We have limited breakfast and coffee/ tea service times also suspended self-service tea&coffee.