Chasing a dream...

The theme of our story is to turn the minimum time you spend in our hotel into a maximum experience…

The person who started our story is a young woman from Pera,

The place where our story begins is Asmalı Mescit, one of the most famous and old neighborhoods of Pera,

The main elements of our story are comfort, safety, sincerity, cleanliness and environmentalism.

Pera; When you come and visit, you will realize that it is one of the most special and oldest districts of a city that offers more than the research you do while preparing for your trip.

NO11; business and service concept, architectural structure, objects used in decoration, rooms

A hotel from Pera with its comfort and functionality.

When we opened NO11 in 2013, one of our biggest dreams was to make our guests experience our favorite Istanbul and its most beautiful district, Pera, during the short time they spent with us...

This dream became the main architect of our story.

As soon as you arrive in front of the building, you will see the very well-preserved original structure, when you enter the marble steps and the original handrail next to it will welcome you.

Then high ceilings…

And accompanying them are decorative objects made mostly of glass, wood and metal, many with a story derived from upcycling.

From the pictures hanging on the walls to the carpets you print, from the pillows you lean on to the chairs you sit, many antique decorative items have been carefully selected.

In order to explain the spirit of being from Pera to you as much as possible….

Since the day it was opened, NO11 continues to serve by changing and transforming according to the needs of its customers, the tourism sector and the world.

The biggest step in this transformation was that it started investing in sustainability in 2019 and adopted a new “Waste Reduction, Green Cleaning and Recycling Policy” in line with international eco-labeling institutes in the field of tourism and hospitality. Then, in July 2020, it was awarded the Green Key award, Turkey's first small independent hotel with an international eco-label.

The carbon footprint of each guest currently staying is measured.

We are in a magnificent location where you can reach everything you need during the day as quickly as possible. Within walking distance of Istanbul's most famous historical sites, NO11 is surrounded by the city's most exclusive entertainment venues, restaurants, shops, boutiques, cafes and bars.

We look forward to welcoming you with our 20 rooms in 7 different categories, our mother-made breakfast, our compost area on our terrace and our mini permaculture area.