We’ve told you we were going to take huge steps in terms of sustainability in the new year!
Of course we can not do this by our own. So we have prepared 11 tips for our dearest guests who wants to be green travelers or just mind their carbon footprint while traveling. We hope you like the tips!
1. Carry a Reusable Water Bottle
2. Carry a Reusable Coffee Tumbler
3. Carry a Foldable Shopping Bag
4. Use Your Towels & Slippers At Least Twice During Your Stay
5. Carry Your Own Travel Beauty Kit
6. Please Be Patient For The Sheets To Be Changed Every 3 Nights
7. Separate Waste That You Can Not Reduce in the Room
8. Prefer Apps Instead Of Maps
9. Use Public Transportation
10. Use Shared Scooters and Bikes
11. Buy Local, Eat Local


Choosing to stay in the heart of a metropol doesn't mean that you can't reach a park in minutes and smell grass and trees anytime you want. Here is the map for closeby greeneries.