We are happy to announce to our valuable guests that we have taken the first step towards sustainability and adopted a new environment policy. We hope you’ll be joining us on this journey to take our part saving the planet! You can find more information about our sustainability policy and room rules down below.

We hope you enjoy reading!


No11 Team



Dear Guest,

Everyday tons of cleaning products and thousands of liters of water is put to waste by the hospitality industry. Considering even our smallest support can help, we have adopted a new Waste Reduction, Cleaning & Recycling Policy that is mostly based on reducing our waste, sorting waste, sending all paper and glass waste that we collect to recycling units, using eco-friendly cleaning products and recycled paper.
If you are also conscious on how we are polluting the world, please give us a hand and try to minimize your cleaning needs.
What you can simply do is:

  •  Leave all your glass & clean paper waste on the tables and not put it together with leftovers or other materials.

  • Do not throw your complimentary water bottle and ask to fill it for free at the reception to not waste the glass bottle. You can also buy yourself a water container to fill for free during your stay.

  • Try to use your towel at least twice  during your stay. In universal hospitality language towels on the floor means change but we want you to be conscious before throwing them.

  • No11’s procedure is to change your sheets every three nights but if you want further changes please hang the “Time to Change” door hanger if you really need an extraordinary change. 

  • If you hang only “Green Clean my Room” sign, your room will be made up, garbage collected without changing your towels and sheets.

  • Do not leave your energy card on when you’re leaving the room. L signed plug will work without it to charge your personal devices.

  • For everyday you ask a Green Clean, we will gladly offer you a complimentary cup of coffee or tea in the lobby and a seasonal surprise gift at the end of your stay.
    Thank you for taking care of this amazing planet called The Earth!
    Team No11


We’ve told you we were going to take huge steps in terms of sustainability in the new year!
Of course we can not do this by our own. So we have prepared 11 tips for our dearest guests who wants to be green travelers or just mind their carbon footprint while traveling. We hope you like the tips!
1. Carry a Reusable Water Bottle
2. Carry a Reusable Coffee Tumbler
3. Carry a Foldable Shopping Bag
4. Use Your Towels & Slippers At Least Twice During Your Stay
5. Carry Your Own Travel Beauty Kit
6. Please Be Patient For The Sheets To Be Changed Every 3 Nights
7. Separate Waste That You Can Not Reduce in the Room
8. Prefer Apps Instead Of Maps
9. Use Public Transportation
10. Use Shared Scooters and Bikes
11. Buy Local, Eat Local

Taking another step to go #ZEROWASTE!
Californian red worms are now on duty in our compost box at the terrace to transform all our coffee, tea and vegetable waste into fertilizer.

We are switching, a Turkish classic with its heritage and quality, Eyup Sabri Tuncer brand shampoos, hair conditioners and shower gels from small sized bottles to 600 ml bottles in order to increase our support to the environment.⠀

Thus, with every 1 big bottle, we prevent 20 small plastic bottles from returning to nature as waste!


Mask and glove pollution in the streets spreads the virus and causes serious damage to the environment.  We added a special box to our garbage separation units.  According to the recent circular, we had to wait 72 hours, seal them in two plastic bags and give it to the garbage truck together with "household waste". We hope that Zero Waste project and related authorities will find a better solution in a short time.



Choosing to stay in the heart of a metropol doesn't mean that you can't reach a park in minutes and smell grass and trees anytime you want. Here is the map for closeby greeneries.